Joe Marcinek Band

Both Sides

Album Review By Lacy Bursick

     For being a band built primarily on improvisations with guest artists at each event, this studio album is very well put together. Lead guitarist Joe Marcinek is actually the keyboardist in the band Fresh Hops, so now turning over to the guitar he has proved himself to be a very dynamic and well-rounded musician.  


     “60 Degrees (In January)” has a beautiful emphasis on the violin with some funk layers. Violinist Stephan Cook owns the rhythm to this song.


     This music may not initially pull you in unless you are a hardcore jazz junkie, but after giving this album a listen, it is addicting and playful and as a studio album because it has a very live feel to it.


     Stephan Cook is the violinist from Fresh Hops as well and a few of these melodies I believe are played by Fresh Hops at their shows.


     “Both Sides” and “Perception of Logic” are my favorite tracks on the album. Both have detailed jazz rhythms, but “Perception of Logic” has an almost classical feeling to it with dejected emotion as the guitar and violin talk back and forth to one another.


     The entire album invokes peaceful emotion and is thought provoking jazzy funk. This band is made up of a variety of musical talent that changes at all their live performances. They play locally a lot so definitely check them out.